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Leadership and management development

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Many Business Owners get lost in the fog of being busy. They take their eye off their goals and focus on the problems, reinventing the wheel as they strive for business success. Our programme brings key result areas into sharp focus. We support Business Owner and company leaders as they learn to implement strategies to create an efficient, results focus organization via a well defined workable culture.

We help you identify any performance issues, formulate outcomes, clarify expectations and get commitments. There is a detailed questionnaire that will need to be completed prior to the process. The process clarifies where you are NOW, where you want TO BE and HOW to get there.

The core of the programme is one on one results focused accountability.  Also opportunities to support your development via bespoke on-site workshops, the Business Owners Academy Workshops and the annual two-day Retreat.

How we deliver this service to you;

  • One on one development for the business owner.
  • Leadership support.
  • Tools to help you grow your business.
  • Training and development for key leaders within your team including other directors, partners, department managers etc is available at an investment of £395 per month per person.

Support Tools

We provide you with documents related to the topics and other material to bolster your learning. You will also receive suitable inspirational and educational support material to deepen your understanding of business and personal development principles.

The Small print and further information

There is no minimum period or contract. You can leave the programme at any time. We do not insist on large up-front commitment fees. We keep our fees reasonable and affordable.

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