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Results focused development workshops, training and coaching

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The Business Owners Academy (BOA) was created and first launched in 2007 and has a proven track record. It is designed to help you significantly boost your profits, leverage your work and develop your team for sustainable business growth and a successful future.

Knowledge transfer, business boosting, problem-solving, proven strategies, methods and best practice all designed to get you moving forward quickly and effectively with greater clarity and confidence. Plus the opportunity to meet other business owners at our regular workshops..

Business development and mastermind workshops where ideas and strategies are shared

The BOA workshops are interactive full day events. You will meet other business owners and learn new ideas and proven strategies you can implement into your business.

BOA Mastermind workshop topics include:

  • Marketing & lead generation
  • Sales & sales systems
  • Planning and projections
  • Customer service, developing loyalty and referring customers
  • Team development, recruitment & retention via culture fit
  • Time management, delegation and efficiency
  • Cash flow, and cash control and projections linked to planning
  • Running effective, constructive motivating meeting
  • Leadership and culture development
  • Understanding and analysing the numbers in your business
  • Systemisation and management development
  • Personal development and much more

These events are designed to help you embrace change and provide the tools and inspiration to do so. At the same time, you can develop a network of fellow business owners and new friends.  Workshops are held three times per year.

Private and confidential knowledge transfer and coaching, goal setting, accountability and planning sessions as required

You will benefit from personal one on one support coaching as required. You will be astonished at how much can be achieved when you are helped to focus! We will brainstorm together and decide on tactics you can implement. We are also there to lift you up when the going gets tough and be someone you can talk to in total confidence.

We focus on marketing, sales, team issues, leadership, planning, mindset and time management. We also cover other areas of business, but these topics are the focus.

Support Tools

We provide you with documents related to the topics in the Academy and other material to bolster your learning. We help develop your library. You will also receive suitable inspirational and educational books and materials to deepen your understanding of business and personal development principles.

The small print and further details

There is no tie-in, you can leave the programme at any time. This is the most popular, cost-effective programme and highly recommend by our existing very loyal client base.   Investment: £495 per month plus VAT.

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